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About Us

Spanish for fun! Wake Forest, NC!

We are the fourth and the youngest of the Sff! Schools! Our beautiful building is located in one of the most amazing areas in the Triangle, Wake Forest. Wake Forest is a charming community full of beautiful and peaceful people. The school is in a great area near to the Main Street and surrounded by popular businesses.

Our classrooms and offices are spacious and incredible well illuminated. We have 7 colorful classrooms, a spacious gym and three playgrounds, plus 2 administration offices. Children have a lot of space to move, play and explore. These spaces are always clean because we work with the best practices to keep and offer a healthy environment to our children.

The safety of our little ones is our priority, and for this reason we have a safety system to enter the building, and pick up or drop off your child, along with the cameras system that we have. We have cameras in all the classrooms, main entrances, parking lot, hallway, playgrounds, and office.

Spanish for fun daycare Wake Forest NC owners

Spanish for fun! Owners, Gabriela and Rob Lowry

Our Philosophy

Sff!’s play-based philosophy is to allow to children learn on their own terms and at their own pace in a learning environment that is natural for their age groups. This is very important for a child’s overall development, as there is much more to play. Research has shown that play reduces stress and childhood obesity. Play also helps children develop cognitive skills, better their vocabulary acquisition, improve their social skills and more.

We believe that children are capable of anything when they areWake  provided with the right educational tools and guidance. Spanish for fun!’s play–based curriculum, which is taught entirely in Spanish, provides students the tools they need to become academically successful in both Spanish and English.

In addition to play, Sff! believes that that nurturing a child’s social emotional development is just as important. Therefore, we utilize research performed by Dr. Gary Chapman to expose students to all “5 love languages.” The 5 Love Languages is a proven method that helps children with their social-emotional development.

Spanish for fun!’s unique curriculum, which borrows from Spanish immersion curriculum, international curriculum and North Carolina’s early education creative curriculum paired with our emotional development methods is the Spanish for fun difference!

Meet The Director

Karina Martinez  
Wake Forest Director

Karina Martinez has a Bachelor Degree in System and Computer Engineering, graduated of Armed Forces Polytechnic in Ecuador, her native county. She has obtained the Administration Certification in Early Childhood and is soon to finish the highest level of Administrator, Level III. Coming from a family of educators it’s not surprising that Karina has always had a passion for childhood education. Starting her journey at Sff! as an assistant teacher she has truly enjoyed the growth opportunities that have brought her to her current position. Karina enjoys spending time with her family; her husband and her daughter who is a Sff! Graduate.

Our Teachers

wake forest daycare teachers

Passionate, Professional
and Nurturing.

Our Sff! Wake Forest staff cultivates relationships with parents through involvement and communication. Sff! teachers provide a supportive atmosphere that encourages children to develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

Since our curriculum is taught entirely in Spanish, your child will learn Spanish in a fun, natural way – utilizing methods that are unique in Wake Forest. Children exposed other cultures are inspired to explore a world beyond their own. Therefore, our bilingual teachers are trained in the latest language acquisition teaching methods. 

Spanish for fun has been one of the best
decisions that my wife and I have ever made.

-Jason and Charlene Cassidy

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Want to know if Sff! is the right fit for your family? We understand that choosing the right childcare program for your family can feel overwhelming. We encourage you to take a tour of your desired location so that you can check out the facilities, meet the staff and learn more about our unique curriculum. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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