How To Help Your Child Develop Amazing Social Skills

Parenting is an amazing journey — one that will invariably lead you to discover as much about yourself as your child. One of the things you realize along the way is that you didn’t just turn out the way you are. Someone guided you, instilled their values in you, taught you how to navigate the world. In the same manner, you’re now leading your child to become the person you want them to be. Admirable character traits and social skills are taught and then reinforced through repetition and imitation. This post will give you the skills you need to help ensure your child’s social success.

A good place to start is learning some key facts and dispelling some surprising myths about social development in children. The following post has details:

Preschool social skills: Evidence-based tips for helping children succeed

Preschool social skills depend on several abilities:

  • self-control
  • empathy
  • verbal communication

Many people assume that children need to spend lots of time with same-aged peers to develop social skills.

They don’t.

Play-dates and preschool attendance can enrich your child’s life. But socialization — the process of learning how to get along with others — is not the same thing as socializing. Spending the day with same-aged peers is not necessarily a good way for young children to learn about cooperation, sharing, and emotional self-control. Read more at Parenting Science…

developing social skills

Your relationship with your child will set the tone for how he or she interacts with others. Here are some excellent suggestions to help you prepare your child for navigating the world:

Raise a Socially Skilled Child

Watching kids squabble over a toy is distressing, and so is seeing a group of little ones exclude a potential playmate. Socially confident kids can navigate these tricky situations. They know how to make friends, “play nice,” and strike up conversations with peers and adults.

Social Confidence Skill #1: Knowing How to Say, “Can I Play?”

It’s not easy for a child to approach another kid who is already playing and ask to join in. After all, the answer could easily be “No.” That fear of rejection could stop a child from even trying, and then she misses out on the fun (and the learning that comes with playing with others). Read more at Highlights…

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One major challenge to advancing good social skills is the fact that nowadays a significant portion of adults lack appropriate social skills. Obviously this creates a bigger challenge for teaching the next generation. The good news is there’s a fun solution to this dilemma that children will enjoy:

‘Q’s Race To The Top’ Is A Board Game That Helps Teach Kids Social Skills

Considering most adults can’t carry on a conversation in the same room these days without a smartphone, the odds of your toddler developing strong social skills are growing slimmer by the hour. Let’s just say when it comes to teaching good manners, the importance of sharing, and why making eye contact with the cashier at Target is totally normal, you have your work cut out for you. For some help, there’s a new game that teaches emotional intelligence (EQ) called Q’s Race To The Top.

Long and short, Q is a genius monkey who lacks social skills, and it’s up to your kids to help him reach his treehouse by answering 3 types of question/action cards… Read more at Fatherly…

The natural, most effective way for children learn is through play. Teaching social skills through guided play will have a greater effect than talking about it. This process should begin at home and be reinforced at your child’s preschool.

developing social skills

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