News & Notes Spanish for Fun! May 5, 2017

Happy Friday Parents!

We want to say Gracias!!!  for all the of gratitude you have shown the teachers and staff of Spanish for fun last week. The teachers felt really appreciated.  They work hard and most of all they care about the children that attend our preschools to spend the day learning a second language; We had a beautiful week and we enjoyed our Luncheon on Friday.
We will continue learning everything about our theme, Animal kingdom. This week children will learn about birds. We will talk about the diverse types of birds in the world and learn about their habitat. Children will enjoy discovering how birds mate, build their nests, lay eggs and why they sing as part of the breeding cycle.
We hope you have a great weekend.

Upcoming Events

·Mother’s Day Celebration on Friday, May 12th.

·May Coffee Talk, on May 12th.

·Life and Science Museum field trip for Sapitos and Ositos classrooms on May 19th.

·Pet Parade Friday on May 26th Pet Parade Friday on May 26th

·Memorial Day on May 29th.  Sff! will be closed in observance of the holiday.

Story Time

Make sure to pass the word to your family and friends to reserve every Thursday at 10:30 am. This event is FREE and open to the public.

Spanish for fun! Music!

Listening to music is a great tool to introduce young children to vocabulary. Listening to songs featuring in our Spanish for fun! CDs will motivate children to keep learning Spanish at home while strengthening what they have already learned in the preschools. Our CDs cost $20 each or you can also buy 2 CDs for $37.

Please visit the front desk to get a copy of Sff! CDs Volume I and II as soon as possible.

Safe Drop-Off & Pick-Up Policy

·Upon drop-off, all children must be accompanied into the facility by an adult.

·Staff must be notified of the child’s drop-off.

·Upon pick-up, an adult must come inside the facility and notify staff that the child is leaving. Children will only be released to persons listed on the child’s application as authorized by the parent/guardian. Staff will request to view a driver’s license to verify identity of persons other than the authorized parent/guardian.

·Authorization from parent/guardian is required in writing when anyone other than the designated person(s) as listed on the child’s application arrives to pick up the child.

·Sign children in and out following policies. Daily drop-off and pick-up times must be recorded.

·Children must never be left unattended.

Closed toe-shoe Policy

As warm weather approaches please keep in mind our closed toe-shoe policy. Shoes should be comfortable and provide adequate protection for the feet during outdoor play. Flip-flops and open-toed sandals are prohibited as they present a safety hazard.  We request that every child come to school with closed-toe shoes.