How To Recognize And Nurture Your Child’s Talents

Every child has a talent, a specialized activity that he or she can do excellently without much effort. Talents are diverse and are expressed in different ways. One child may be an excellent artist who loves to paint, another may be interested in music, while yet another may be good at crafts. These are all different expressions of artistic talents. Children may also be talented in sports, academics, and even social skills. Talents are pretty much limitless in their range.

As a parent, one of the best things you can do for your child is recognize their special abilities and encourage their development. Reading the following post is a good place to begin the process:

Understanding Giftedness and Talent

  • What is known about giftedness and talent?
  • Giftedness is identifiable in very young children.
  • Early identification is essential for the long-term wellbeing of the gifted child.
  • Giftedness is present equally in boys and girls and children from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Giftedness is not rare – it is estimated 10–15 per cent of the population is gifted.
  • Gifted children can also have learning difficulties and disabilities.

Definitions of ‘gifted’ and ‘talent’

There are many different definitions of giftedness and talent. The information below is based on Françoys Gagné’s definition and model of giftedness and talent.  Gagné’s model requires professionals working with young gifted children to consider their role in the developmental process that leads from potential to talented performance. Read more at Victoria State Government…

There is a great deal of potential in your child that should be encouraged and cultivated. Feeling special about their talents is a way for children to experience self-love and develop high self-esteem.

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Okay, we’ve established that having a talent is great — but what if you aren’t sure what your child’s talent is? The following post will help you discover and encourage your child’s natural gift:

6 Ways to Spot and Nurture Your Child’s Talents

Dancing was my daughter’s thing.

Twirling around in her purple tutu she would dance to just about anything.

Steve Songs, The Sound of Music Soundtrack, and Bach – were all dance-worthy tunes that would inspire her to leap and jump and spin around our living room – sometimes for hours on end.

I loved seeing my daughter explore this interest. She was passionate about dancing and it took no effort to focus her attention and energy on it.

Like most parents, early on I was on the look out for my daughter’s passion – something that she would explore to no end and would fill her with purpose and pride.

Dance appeared to be it. (or so I thought…) Read more at Self Sufficient Kids…

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Providing strategic opportunities for your child to use their gifts will play a key role in promoting their development. Here are more ways you can foster your child’s natural abilities:

Looking To Nurture Your Child’s Talent? Do It With These

When you discover that your child has a particular talent, it can be both exciting and emotional. Not only are you pleased that your son or daughter has a passion for something that they’re really good at, but you’re also keen to encourage them and see where it takes them too. Nurturing your child’s talent doesn’t have to be a difficult, expensive or energy-zapping process. Instead, it can be rewarding and fun!

If you’ve been wondering just how you can nurture and grow your child’s talent, hopefully, these ideas will help. You might need to invest a little time or money, but when it comes to your kids’ future, that’s a small price to pay. Read more at Your Organic Child…

Another key way for parents to support the development of their children’s talents is to enroll them in a preschool that understands the importance of nurturing these gifts. If you’re in Wake Forest, that means looking into Spanish for fun!

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