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Programs & Curriculum

Not just childcare, smart care!

We use a Spanish-immersion model, designed to reinforce daily lessons that encourages everyday use of Spanish.

Imagine this: your child arrives to kindergarten fluent in Spanish. Wake Forest’s Spanish for fun! programs were designed to stimulate development through cognitive, social/emotional, linguistic, and motor skills. Some of the activities your child can enjoy are sensory stimulation, baby yoga, baby massage and a slew of musical activities.

Reading is a beautiful gift that we can offer to the little ones. It opens doors to wonderful, magical worlds that stimulate the language, creativity and imagination of children. That is why in Sff! We wish to offer parents a free space of stories, songs and language games in Spanish. This time will favor in your children the following skills:

  • Encourage oral expression.
  • Have a unique approach with the Spanish language.
  • Gradually acquire vocabulary in Spanish.
  • Encourage the love of books.
  • Stimulate visual and auditory capacity.
  • Stimulate memory

Spanish for fun!’s play-based Spanish Immersion Summer camp is another great way for young children to learn Spanish. Like our traditional program, children who attend the Wake Forest Summer program learn Spanish through a host of play-based activities by exploring a number of areas: science, cooking, arts and crafts, literacy, music, gardening, computer lessons, outdoor activities, gymnastics, Latino folklore, splash days and much more!


This is a great introduction to our Spanish for fun! preschool atmosphere. Enjoy learning Spanish through play with circle time, baby massage, parachute play and story time. Parent and Me sessions provide caregivers an opportunity to connect with each other and learn the latest in childhood development.

The need for second-language education is already present. Students that graduate Sff! will likely begin their careers in a bilingual America.

Our curriculum and practices have been awarded the
highest possible rating by regulatory officials in
North Carolina.

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Want to know if Sff! is the right fit for your family? We understand that choosing the right childcare program for your family can feel overwhelming. We encourage you to take a tour of your desired location so that you can check out the facilities, meet the staff and learn more about our unique curriculum. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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