Summer Camp 2017

Little Readers

Week: July 10th to July 14th, 2017

What we are learning?

Dear Parents,

We hope you are having a beautiful week. This week the children will learn everything about being little readers. We will read and listen to wonderful story books about Princesses and Knights.

We have scheduled learning activities related to this theme to continue strengthening gross and fine motor skills, language and socio-emotional skills so children can continue learning through experiences. Children will enjoy discovering and exploring stories through listening and reading. They will also enjoy some outdoor fun during our Splash days and cherish some fun times during Pajama Day with their classmates. And they will also enjoy our Princesses and Knights Day on Friday. Children will also play with sensorial bottles, roll balls in different directions and play with the treasure box.

Thank you for letting us play such an important role in your child’s life and we hope you have a great weekend.

Miss Jeannette & Miss Natalia

Materials for Weekly Activities
·         Have your child bring his/her favorite book for Monday, July 10th.
·         Have your child bring a doll of his/her favorite story book character for Wednesday, July 12th if you have one at home.

Dress Code
·         Splash Days on Mondays and Thursdays in the morning.

Holidays & Upcoming Events
·         Favorite Book Day on Monday, July 10th.
·         Pajama Day on Tuesday, July 11th.
·         Favorite Character Day on Wednesday, July 12th.
·         Princesses and Knights Day on Friday, July 14th.
·         Have your child wear his/her favorite pajama on Pajama Day on Tuesday, July 11th.

Friendly Reminders

  • Wash your hands and your child hands when entering your child’s classroom.
    · Always store pacifiers in their packages.
    ·         Read, review and fill out your child’s journal with information for the teacher.
    ·         Label all your child’s clothing and items and make sure that your child has TWO extra set of clothing that is appropriate to weather in his/her cubby.
    ·         Make sure to remove clothing from the cubby and just leave one set of clothing and a blanket for nap time.
    ·         Make sure to take the blanket home on Fridays for laundry and bring it back on Monday.
    ·         Bring diapers, wipes and rash ointment and label them with your child’s name when requested and if needed.
    ·         Make sure to fill out an administration or authorization form specifying when bug spray, diaper cream and any other ointment should be applied and be sure to supply and label the items with your child’s name and place them in a Tote bag.
    ·         Morning snack time is at 8:45 am every day till 9:10 am.
    ·         Label all bottles and food or lunch box that you bring to preschool for your child with your child’s name and the date it was prepared and place in the kitchen. If any of these items require to be refrigerated, please put it inside the refrigerator.
    ·         Inform the teacher if there has been a change in your child’s feeding schedule.
    ·         Do not bring your child to school if the child has a fever of over 101F or any contagious conditions.
    ·         Apply sunscreen to your child every morning.
    ·         Make sure to keep in your child’s cubby a pair of glasses and a summer hat.
    ·         Have your child wear swimsuit, splashers or swim diapers and water shoes for Splash Day. Make sure to send a towel and a tote bag for wet items. Label and pack all these items in the tote bag.
    ·         Sunscreen and mosquito repellant are important to protect your child because he/she is very susceptible to sunburn/mosquito bites. Yet applying sunscreen and mosquito repellent to your child requires planning. If sunscreen and mosquito repellent must be applied to your child, make sure to fill out an administration or authorization form specifying when sunscreen and mosquito repellant should be applied and be sure to supply the sunscreen and mosquito repellant, label the bottles with your child’s name and place them in a tote bag.